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Having a beautiful hair is a basic need for all men to give self confidence and get a women attracted. Baldness though its not a disease, it affects majority of men in a very seiour way and make the life miserable. There are many medication available in the market which will help these set of men for regrowth of hair of which Propecia is one of the vastly recommended medication. These medication reduce the DHT body hormone which is responsible for the hair loss thereby increasing the hair regrowth rate.These medication wont affect the hair growth in any other part of the body. These pills are strictly not for women or children.

Product Use:

Propecia is like any hair regrowth medication prescribed to men. These medication comes in form of pills generally taken orally with or without food. Its has to be taken once a day and its effect will be there for 24 hours. These medication are not recommended for women and especially pregnant women are not supposed to consume this medication. Its recommended to take these pills at same of the day for better results and the benefits of these pills will be appreciated with 3 months of usage. These pills reduce the aging of hair follicles and clinically proved that two-third of the men taking this prescription shows visible improvement in hair growth in vortex of the head in a two months span. Also these pills should be continues as long as the person needs to retain the hair growth as the effect of this pills be nullified in 12 months after usage and tremedous hair loss will happen during the period

Side Effects:

Its not recommended to take more than one pill a day. These pills comes with its own set of risks. Most common side effects being reduced sexual activity and reduced semem release during sex. Some serious side effects were includeimpotency, swollen tongue, itching and rashes, dizziness and breathing problem. If any of these conditions occur, please contact the primary care physician immediately and get it treated. Its highly recommended to stop the medication if the side effects prolong to a great extent. People will allergy and recommended to consult the doctor before getting this prescribed. Any lumps in the breast and testicle area should be treated immediately. These side effects will go away once you stop taking the medication

How to Buy:

Propecia can be brought online. Its available in websites like www.Viagrasuisse.com/ You can create your own account with your name, age, DOB, address and email/contact details and start ordering the pills. You can buy with credit cards/debit cards to purchase these pills.


This medication is typically not covered under insurance and will have to pay out of your pocket. Propecia comes in 30mg dosage. The price of these pills ranges from 70AUD to 140AUD depending on the count (30 count to 90 pill count). Average spending of 100AUD a month wont burn the pocket provided the benefits are priceless


They can be delivered to home in 1 to 2 weeks of time. The shipment can be tracked at any time once its shipped. It comes in a covered packaging and there is a minimum of 34 AUD charged for the shipment and delivery.

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  1. I feel like men shouldn’t take propecia because the whole point is to look good and if you’re not confident in yourself then it doesnt matter what you look like. I feel that those who do take it though, should take a limited amount due to the side affects such as erectile ddyfunction and depression.

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