There are some things in this life that will hurt a little, be a little annoying or uncomfortable and then pass. But when it comes to Herpes Zoster it can be downright unbearable. So i want to talk to you today about exactly what this is, how it affects you, and what we can do to treat it so that you can get your life back on track as soon as possible. Herpes Zoster goes by another name you may be a bit more familiar with, and that is Shingles.

And if you have ever had or met someone with shingles you should have some idea of the damage it can cause to a personally both physically and emotionally. But how exactly does someone get shingles?



The thing about getting shingles is that it all probably started back when you were a kid. Or at least it probably did when I was a kid i should say. You see the way you get the shingles virus to lie dormant in your body is by contracting chicken pox, and before about 1995 it was a very common disease that pretty much all children came down with.

You would get chicken pox once, and that would be the end of it. As of 2006 there has been advancements in science that have given rise to the varicella vaccine which will actually reduce your risk of getting shingles.

What is herpes zoster

Now if you have had the chicken pox the fact remains that you have contracted the varicella zoster virus. After your bout of chicken pox, the virus lies dormant near your spine and brain and stays there. Science is still unclear on the subject but at seemingly random times this virus will just reactivate and travel up to the skin. And this is what we call the shingles.

  • and you WILL know you have it too. Here is a list of the EARLY signs that you have shingles:
  • you will experience headaches, fever, and chills
  • you will be itchy
  • also you will have red patches, likely on one side of your body that are raised
  • patient will experience a shooting pain along the affected area that may also tingle underneath the skin
  • you may have an upset stomach

Is there a cure

Believe me, when it happens not only should you call your doctor, you will most assuredly want to. There is no cure for the shingles and you will need to let it run its course through your system and hope that it never comes back again.

There are, however, treatment options lie Valtrex in Australia online to help reduce the pain, even the pain that sticks around once your rashes are gone.

What causes herpes zoster

There are a number of reasons that you can “catch” herpes zoster, many speculate that having a weakened immune system is simply enough to activate that virus again. But what we do know is that once you have had the chickenpox your risk for contracting herpes zoster WILL increase if;

  • You are 50 years old or older
  • If you find yourself under a tremendous amount of stress
  • If you have a disease that is known to lower your body’s immune system
  • Serious physical injury, possibly due to the multiple risk factors (stress, immunity) that it puts your body under
  • Certain medications can also lower your immune system, so be aware of any medications or steroids you are taking

How it spreads

If I had to warn you if someone you know and love gets the shingles it would be to stay away from them if you have never had the chickenpox before. I know that may sound cruel but shingles is CONTAGIOUS to those types of people, and it is not something you want to catch when you do not have to. Until every sore on an infected person has crusted over, they still carry the ability to spread herpes zoster to another person. If you are afflicted with this, it is important that you also do your part to avoid pregnant women and people with weaker immune systems, like the elderly and newborns.

Again if you suspect even remotely that you are beginning to experience this issue get with your doctor immediately to get a plan together for how to effectively beat this thing. And as always, stay happy, and stay healthy.


Published by John Rogers

Hello. I am specialist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction from Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. I’ve been dealing with herpes zoster on and off for the past 5 years but last month was the first time I’ve taken the initiative and talked to my doctor about what could be done. We are currently treating it and I’ve got my fingers crossed. I know I can beat this thing.

  2. I have not cured the herpes zoster that I have but I have learned to manage it. Keeping compresses on the herpes with a temperature as hot as I can take it will dry up the herpes and make it go away much faster. It also seems to numb the area so it is not so painful. This technique minimizes the frequency of the outbreaks and makes them more tolerable.

  3. Recently, my cousin has started breaking out with little patches of dry skin all over her skin. At times it can become inflamed and can be very painful. She assumed it was eczema at first since it’s so common. However, after showing our aunt who is an RN, she told her she thought my cousin had the shingles. After my cousin did some research, she saw that her spots were very similar to shingles and because her infected spots really hurt, she was able to basically diagnose that’s what she had. She also saw while doing her research that having shingles is common in people who have had chickenpox. She has scars all over her body from having chickenpox as a child so she felt the best thing she could do at this point would be to make an appointment with her primary doctor to get treated from her herpes zoster.

  4. I did not remember ever coming down with Chickenpox as a child but I ended up getting Herpes Zoster as an adult so I must have had Chickenpox at some pointt! It is the most uncomfortable feeling to be covered by that rash, but I used a medley of creams and it seemed to cut down the occurrence. He (Jacob) is here asleeping.

  5. Ever since my teenage years i have found dating very difficult until now with a simple solution that makes life more comfortable. So happy to be able to move with life.

  6. I never knew what these painful blisters were until I went to the doctor. Could they be poison ivy? I found out that they were shingles. I found out that I could have received a vaccination to prevent this disorder 3 years go. But I avoided the injection and now I suffer the very painful skin rashes and blisters of this disorder.

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